What Is The Aim Of The Consumer Unhappiness Score?

The Consumer Unhappiness score aims to analyse the sentiment of consumers towards big brands based on how they interact with their Social Media account.

Our ‘Consumer Unhappiness’ score is a core fundamental metic used in our Salience PR Study. This particular study aims to understanding brand perception and consumer unhappiness of a “The Big Six” energy brands.


What Is The Methodology Behind The Consumer Unhappiness Score?

Data on Facebook reactions are pulled for the social media account pages using Buzzsumo. This is used to work out the proportion of angry to love reactions.

Data on likes, posts and followers are pulled from brand Twitter pages using Social Blade.

This is then used to calculate the number of likes they would achieve if they had 100,000 followers (so follower number had less no effect on the metric). These two metrics were then normalised within the dataset to be between 0 and 100 and averaged to calculate an unhappiness score.”