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  • tops the brand reach score table
  • is number 1 for overall organic visibility
  • & have lost out on signiificant portions of their organic visibility in the last 12 months
  • is showing to have the fastest page speed, an important ranking factor

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July 2020

What is our Music Stores & Retailers Market Report about?

We’ve been putting our ears to the music stores and retailers market in this iteration of our sector reports. If you’re an online music retailer looking to turn up the volume on your SEO strategy this year, this report could be an essential resource. Inside, you’ll see a complete breakdown of the market, identifying who’s jazzing it up and whose baseline is falling flat.

A range of metrics are investigated, including visibility, keyword opportunities, and page speed. All crucial metrics that any SEO campaigns need to succeed. As well as the essentials, metrics such as social score, brand mentions, and online reputation are also looked into – data hard to find in any other online report.

If you’re looking to take your music retail brand and turn it up to 11, this report could be the best resource you download this year. Fill in the form above and download your FREE copy today.

What does visibility look like in the music retailer industry?

The music retailer space hasn’t seen a lot of movement in the past year. In fact, the market hasn’t grown by a single percent. However, this is not to say brands within haven’t changed. In fact, some have changed a lot over the past year, as you’ll discover from the stats below.

The biggest winners in the music retailer industry include DV247, who saw a visibility boost of 147%. Other brands, such as Gak, saw similar increases. Of course, where there are winners, there also have to be losers. Brands like Thomann saw losses of up to -30%!

For a full breakdown, here are the top 10 brands in the music retailer market:

  1. (-7%)
  2. (5%)
  3. (-30%)
  4. (25%)
  5. (122%)
  6. (-20%)
  7. (67%)
  8. (21%)
  9. (147%)
  10. (18%)

If you’re interested in finding out more and learning how your music brand stacks up against the competition in a range of online KPIs, download the free report now using the form above.

What are the current music retailer market trends?

The current trends in the music retailer space have been a little volatile in the past few months, especially with Covid-19 taking hold of many industries and businesses. In March, the music retailer market dropped dramatically when compared with previous years, probably as a result of the pandemic. However, it shortly picked up again and is now on track for similar rates to previous years.

In terms of keywords, terms like ‘piano online’ have become incredibly popular and are also low competition. Despite having a monthly search volume of 22K, the competition is only rated at 69/100. Smaller retailers could use keywords like this to fly under the radar and snatch up good positions without alerting the larger brands.

High competition keywords are still taking up a lot of the volume, especially with single product searches like ‘electric guitar’ and ‘piano’. Those two keywords get upwards of 100K searches a month. Brands that take good spots for these tough keywords are doing incredibly well. They include the likes of Gear 4 Music, Andertons, and Dawsons. So well done to those brands.

If you want to take a closer look at the keywords, opportunities, and trends in the music retailer industry, download this report now. Its free and you won’t regret it!

How are music retailers and stores performing on social?

Social media is crucial in 2020 and beyond. If you’re not using social platforms to build a loyal following and generate additional revenue, you’re going to fall behind the rest of your competition.

To help you stay ahead of the curve, we perform a social analysis on you and all your competitors, so you can see who’s performing the best. With this knowledge, you’ll be able to scan over your competitors’ strategies and mimic what they’re doing well (and avoid what they’re not).

Here are the top 5 music retailers on social:


As the list indicates above, Andertons holds the top spot with a social score of 806. They have a large number of followers spanning across several platforms. However, where they really shine is Instagram. Here, they post a lot of videos featuring demos of new products, music lessons, and previews from their show.

Their content marketing is incredible, and every music retailer should keep an eye on their strategy. Each of their posts gets thousands of views and likes, so people are clearly devouring the stuff these guys put out.

If you want to see how other music retailers are performing on social, grab a free copy of this report and check them out for yourself.

Page speed for music retailers

Did you know Google looks at page speed when evaluating your site? If it isn’t up to scratch, you could be penalised with lower ranks. Not good if you’re looking to boost your SEO strategy in 2020.

Additionally, if your page speed is low, users will have a hard time navigating your site and may bounce off if they’re particularly impatient. Therefore, making sure your site is as efficient as possible is key to maintaining a high conversion rate.

To help you understand what makes a fast site fast, we analysed all your competitors on page speed, so you can learn from the best when optimising your own.

We have identified the fastest sites in the music retailer industry as:

  1. Rimmers Music
  2. Dawsons
  3. Gak
  4. DV247
  5. DJM Music

You can find out why page speed is so important here.

How much does this report cost?

All our reports are free. We aim to create strong relationships by providing helpful insights and competitor analysis. Feel free to download your copy using the form at the top of this page.

Why can’t I find my brand?

If you are unable to find your brand and want to compare your performance against the competition, there’s no need to worry. Get in touch immediately and we’ll put together a personalised report featuring your brand.

Want to know how we can help your site? Simply contact us, we love to chat about online opportunities.

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