Our free 2021 Business Finance Market Report analyses the top 50 business finance lenders, ranked on 11 key performance metrics.

Brands Featured

  • fundingcircle.com
  • startuploans.co.uk
  • aldermore.co.uk
  • capitalontap.com
  • iwoca.co.uk
  • marketinvoice.com
  • assetzcapital.co.uk
  • bibbyfinancialservices.com
  • liberis.co.uk
  • angelinvestmentnetwork.co.uk
  • hitachicapital.co.uk
  • whiteoakuk.com
  • lendingcrowd.com
  • thincats.com
  • fleximize.com
  • ultimatefinance.co.uk
  • fundingoptions.com
  • knowyourmoney.co.uk
  • mortgagesforbusiness.co.uk
  • 365businessfinance.co.uk
  • nortonfinance.co.uk
  • newable.co.uk
  • esmeloans.com
  • transmitstartups.co.uk
  • boostcapital.co.uk
  • closeassetfinance.co.uk
  • enterpriseni.com
  • merchantmoney.co.uk
  • tradefinanceglobal.com
  • fundingxchange.co.uk
  • nucleuscommercialfinance.com
  • closeinvoice.co.uk
  • ukpropertyfinance.co.uk
  • fashion-angel.co.uk
  • purecommercialfinance.co.uk
  • abcfinance.co.uk
  • assetfinancesolutions.com
  • kisbridgingloans.co.uk
  • centurybusinessfinance.co.uk
  • virginstartup.org
  • spotcap.co.uk
  • choicebusinessloans.co.uk
  • dsl-businessfinance.co.uk
  • ncfplc.co.uk
  • amconline.co.uk
  • bridging-experts.co.uk
  • hypercapital.co.uk
  • westonfinancialltd.co.uk
  • ferratumbusiness.uk
  • selinafinance.co.uk
  • comcapfactoring.com
  • cubefunder.com
  • eniloans.com
  • ldf.co.uk
  • portmanassetfinance.co.uk
  • believeloans.com
  • aspirebusinessloans.co.uk
  • lumibridgingsolutions.co.uk

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What to expect inside

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  • UK Business Finance Market Report contents page
  • UK Business Finance Market Report Visibility YoY Table
  • UK Business Finance Market Report Visibility Winners

Latest insights

  • capitalontap.com has the greatest brand reach score.
  • The market growth has reversed, by -46% YoY.
  • Sites that have grown considerably in SEO visibility YOY are: hitachicapital.co.uk, capify.co.uk and capitalontap.com
  • Sites that have lost visibility in the last year are: cashfloat.co.uk & startuploans.co.uk

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1-50 Brands ranked

Oct 2020

What you can expect from this Business Finance Market Report...

In this series of sector reports, we have examined the UK business finance market. Pay close attention to this research if you’re a business finance brand wanting to strengthen your online marketing strategy this year. It could be the key to your next major breakthrough.

Inside, we deconstruct metrics that determine your SEO’s performance, outline the market and its competition. To give you a few examples, we will be analysing metrics such as visibility, page speed, and keyword opportunities. This data has the potential to completely shift the game for you and your company.

If you’re serious about business development and want to get the most out of your company website- fill out the form above to unlock the safe to industry insights. And don’t worry, the report will not affect your budgets, the report is completely free.

The winners and losers in the online Business Finance industry

The online business finance industry has experienced serious difficulties in the last year, with the overall industry size decreasing by 46%. There are a few brands to note in the top 10 whilst many brands have drastically decreased in visibility. Could this be due to COVID-19 or poor SEO tactics?

Brands such as Hitachi Capital have seen huge visibility improvements with a YoY uplift of 43%. Capital on Tap has also seen massive growth in online visibility and increased by 593%. Which is pretty impressive!

There have been struggles in the industry, Cash Float has reported a 77% visibility decrease and Mortgages for Business decreased by 82%. As more and more consumers are becoming increasingly reliant on the digital world of banking, these businesses need to review their digital marketing strategies. This market has seen a lot of changes and these brands need to keep up with the times.

If you’re wondering how your brand compared to your competition, get your free copy of the report today. Simply fill in the form above.

Which are the biggest online Business Finance brands in 2021?

Here is a quick rundown of the top 10 sites:

  1. cashfloat.co.uk
  2. startuploans.co.uk
  3. fundingcircle.com
  4. fundingoptions.com
  5. hitachicapital.co.uk
  6. ukpropertyfinance.co.uk
  7. aldermore.co.uk
  8. capify.co.uk
  9. fleximize.com
  10. capalona.co.uk

Which online Business Finance brands have seen the biggest growth in 2021?

  1. hitachicapital.co.uk (43%)
  2. capify.co.uk (50%)
  3. capitalontap.com (593%)
  4. smeloans.co.uk (39%)
  5. swoopfunding.com (520%)

Which online Business Finance brands have seen the biggest losses in 2021?

  1. cashfloat.co.uk        (-77%)
  2. startuploans.co.uk (-23%)
  3. fundingcircle.com (-35%)
  4. nortonfinance.co.uk (-64%)
  5. mortgagesforbusiness.co.uk (-82%)

Which online Business Finance brands have the best digital reach?

Knowing how well your brand reaches its target audience is crucial, especially if you do business online. In our research, we’ve included a digital reach league table to highlight who has the loudest digital voice in business finance.

Our analysis will show you which companies are using social media and branded marketing to boost their visibility among their ideal customers. The league table takes into account a variety of social media indications as well as monthly branded searches. To produce a thorough final total, these are combined together.

Loan is the current digital reach leader, according to our business finance industry data. Loan.co.uk receives a whopping 301K monthly searches and has a social score of 34. If you’re trying to establish your own internet profile, Loan’s is definitely worth noting!

If you’re wondering how effective your marketing has been over the past year, download the free report.

  1. fundingcircle.com
  2. loan.co.uk
  3. enterpriseni.com
  4. startuploans.co.uk
  5. aldermore.co.uk

What are the high competition keywords in the online Business Finance industry?

There are high-competition keywords in every industry that must be addressed. It’s no different in the world of business finance. There are a lot of high-competition keywords out there, and landing any of them could significantly improve your online performance.

As a result, we’ve included a detailed analysis of the high-competition keywords in the business finance industry, so you can understand how competitive they are. Plus, know which ones to target to gain more visibility and site visitors.

The most competitive keyword in the business finance industry is “business loan” which receives 27,100 searches per month and has a competitive rating of 53/100. It’s also safe to assume that this keyword has a high level of commercial intent, which means that obtaining a healthy position on Google’s SERP could result in large profits.

To discover a whole list of competitive keywords in the business finance digital realm, download the free report.

What are the keyword opportunities in the online Business Finance industry?

The data report also dives into the industry’s most promising keywords holding vast opportunities. We’re talking about low-competition keywords that, if you know a bit or two about SEO, can help you swiftly achieve greater visibility.

Here’s a trend we found after reading the report and analysing the data…

Small Business Loans

An extensive amount of the lower competition keyword terms with high search volume include the word “loan”. There has been an uplight in searches around “small business loans” and “startup business loans”. This tells us that there is a strong common interest amongst the audience in starting new independent businesses.

You may offer this type of loan to customers and be able to target keywords through category content, providing detailed advice and information about your service. However, if you don’t currently offer this type of loan, there are other ways to target keywords. Instead, concentrate on blog post articles providing free detailed advice around starting up a business from scratch.

To explore more keyword opportunities, download the free report today.

Which online Business Finance brands have the best online reputation?

In 2021, E-A-T has become essential to an online brand. It proves to Google and your audience that your website is reliable and trustworthy. You can begin to develop trust by displaying trust signals throughout your website, one of which is through reviews. By doing so, you can help boost your Google ranking.

We analysed all of the Trust Pilot reviews of business finance brands as these very reviews are now critical to your website’s performance. All of this is done so you can see who has the best customer feedback in the industry. This knowledge highlights which brand’s online marketing strategy you should be taking influence from.

Here are the top 5 brands with the best online reputations:

  1. capitalontap.com
  2. fundingcircle.com
  3. iwoca.co.uk
  4. aldermore.co.uk
  5. fundingoptions.com

Want to see where your brand ended up? Get the report now.

Which online Business Finance brands have the fastest page speed?

Website page speed is one of Google’s ranking factors. Therefore, it is extremely significant. Google knows that when your website load time is slow. Customers will bounce straight back to the SERP and find a different website resulting in poor performance. With today’s technology, online users expect speed and if you can’t provide it then you have no chance of competing with big brands in the industry.

We have put all of the brands in the business finance report through a speed test so you know who you’re competing against.

Here’s the websites that PageSpeed Insights identified as the top 5 fastest business finance websites:

  1. capify.co.uk
  2. capalona.co.uk
  3. kisbridgingloans.co.uk
  4. cashfloat.co.uk
  5. loanswarehouse.co.uk

If you’d like to find out your website’s speed rating, download the free report.

Read more about the importance of page speed here.

Is this report free?

This report is completely free! Brand partnerships are one of our favourite things to build, other than marketing strategies. What better method to do this than offering free comprehensive value and competitive intelligence? If you have questions about the report or would just like to have a chat about how we can help your online business, feel free to get in touch with us.

I can’t find my brand?

If you can’t find your brand, don’t worry, it doesn’t mean we don’t have any insights for you. This report displays the top performers and the worst. But, we always audit the entire industry so there is plenty more data for you to analyse.

If you’d like a bespoke report that includes your brand or are curious about how we can create an SEO strategy for your brand, get in touch today.

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