Brands Featured

  • Cosmopolitan
  • Elle
  • Vanity Fair
  • Harpers Bazaar
  • Vogue
  • Esquire
  • Hypebeast
  • Seventeen Magazine
  • In Style
  • Allure
  • Complex
  • Glamour
  • Teen Vogue
  • GQ
  • Town And Country Magazine
  • Dazed Digital
  • Highsnobiety
  • I-D
  • Fashionista
  • Another Magazine
  • Marie Claire
  • Essence Magazine
  • W Magazine
  • WWD
  • Fashion Magazine
  • Nylon Magazine
  • Red Online
  • V Magazine
  • Grazia
  • Flare Magazine
  • Prima
  • Flaunt
  • Numero
  • Schon!
  • Ldn Fashion

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Latest insights

  • Ellie has the largest social media following
  • Cosmopolitan is the most searched brand in 2020
  • Vanity Fair garners the most backlinks
  • Complex has had the most brand mentions in the last 30 days

Report Updated December 2020

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What Is This Lifestyle Fashion Magazine Report About?

This report takes a closer look at the 35 most influential lifestyle fashion magazines, ranking them on three key metrics – organic visibility, digital brand reach, and social media reach. Within each section, we provide data on their year on year growth, influence in the social sphere and how much weight their brand carries in the digital lifestyle sector.

A truly unique opportunity to dig deep into the data which fuels these lifestyle magazines, the data visualisation provides key indicators of SEO performance, such as backlinks and referring domains as well as metrics such as sentiment and social followers. If you’re looking to grow a lifestyle magazine in the online space, we lay out clearly the main factors you’ll want to consider to fuel your performance. Check out what makes the biggest lifestyle fashion magazines so influential with this report.

Who Is This Lifestyle Fashion Magazine Report Important For?

This lifestyle magazine is important for anyone who wants a wider view of the performance of the sector. Not only will it help you identify what your competitors are doing well, it will help you spot gaps in your own performance and indicate where new strategies are needed. Used correctly, data is a powerful tool, and each metric presented in this report offers an opportunity for reflection and improvement.

Any senior figures working behind the scenes at lifestyle fashion magazines are certain to find this report illuminating. It’s a rare chance to analyse the industry in one central hub of data. If you have any questions about the results, or the data itself, our team are always keen to chat. To get the lowdown on the industry, give our report a read here.

Who Are The 5 Most Influential Fashion Magazines?

Overall, with the data we’ve collected, we’ve allocated an accumulative score to each magazine. Based on these findings, they’ve been whittled down the 35 biggest fashion magazines. From their organic visibility, to social shares, the 5 most influential fashion magazines are identified as;

  1. Cosmopolitan
  2. Elle
  3. Vanity Fair
  4. Harpers Bazaar
  5. Vogue

To see the next 30 magazines, take a look at our report today.

What Is Search Engine Visibility?

One of the main factors we consider in this report is search engine visibility. This is, essentially, a method of analysing the size of a website in the digital space. Within each industry, there’s a finite amount of space to fight for, based on overall search volumes. A higher online visibility indicates the amount of space you’re taking up, making it easier for searches to find your site organically.

Having visibility is one thing, but keeping it ticking over and growing is the key. We look at 2020 and 2019 visibilities for each brand and provide a growth percentage. At the top of the table, Cosmopolitan have grown by 4% despite their already stellar reputation. However, 11th placed Complex have had a year which mirrors their name. They’ve fallen by -37%, tumbling down our league table. In a year of such upheaval, these metrics will show you who’s thrived and who’s dropped off.

Domain authority is another key ranking factor that we include within this section. Essentially, your site being linked to by authoritative sources, such as big newspapers or .gov sites, shows to Google that you’re a trusted site. Quantity of links is also important, and we provide an overview of link profiles of each brand here, showcasing referring domains and backlinks to show who has their outreach and digital PR game on point.

What Is Digital Brand Reach?

Digital brand reach is an overall metric based on how strong your brand is and how recognisable it is. Here, you’ll see how often the brand is searched and mentioned, analysing the footprint your brand has in the industry. Brand recognition is particularly important for magazines as your brand is your product. You’ll see which names are the most impactful right here.

Sentiment is arguably the most important factor here. Your brand could be getting spoke about all day every day online, but if it’s mainly in a negative way it’ll be doing more harm than good. That’s why we offer a sentiment figure to see how brands are perceived online. Thankfully, most brands have more positive than negative sentiment, although it’s the wild west out there and keeping on top of your online reputation is key to sustained success.

What Is Social Media Reach?

Success on the socials is essential in this day and age. This is especially relevant in the lifestyle fashion space, where social media is an open playing field for engagement. Similarly, with platforms such as Instagram, there’s a great opportunity to provide flashy visuals and draw engagement to your magazine.

We look at the big three platforms of Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, stacking up follower counts to provide an over social following. For example, 7th placed HypeBeast have a 14.9m social following, but are clearly the most influential on Instagram, with their 9.5m following dwarfing their 740k twitter followers.

We also place a quantitative figure against social power, based on the overall influence each lifestyle magazine has on social media. You’ll find out who’s producing sharable content, with the amount of social shares included in this report. Overall, if you’re revamping your social game, this report will show you who the kingpins are and what they’re doing right.

Do I Have To Pay For This Lifestyle Fashion Magazine Report?

No, this lifestyle fashion magazine report is completely free. An invaluable resource for the biggest players in the fashion industry, we’re pleased to push this data out there as a means of building relationships with brands within the sector. Of course, this is just a taster of the data-led marketing work we do here at Salience. We give reports such free of charge to various sectors on a monthly basis. If this report piques your interest, we’d love to hear from you and discuss how we can help to improve your online standing.

Why Can’t I See My Magazine On The List?

We set strict parameters brands must meet to earn on a spot in all of our free monthly industry reports. This special edition features the 35 biggest magazines in the industry and if your company isn’t anywhere to be seen, then chances are it didn’t quite make the cut.

This doesn’t mean we don’t want to hear from you, however. In fact, we can provide a personalised report, tailoring the same data points to your magazine. This will also allow you to see where you’re being outperformed by the bigger magazines and give a clear path to future improvements. If you’d like a no-strings chat with our marketing experts, get in touch today.

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