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  • 2020 UK Fragrances Industry Report Front Cover
  • 2020 UK Fragrances Industry Report Index
  • 2020 UK Fragrances Industry Report Visibility Change Year On Year
  • 2020 UK Fragrances Industry Report Pagespeed

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  • has the best Brand Reach Score in the industry
  • has the second highest organic visibility
  • Sites that have grown considerably in SEO visibility YOY are:, and
  • Sites that have lost visibility in the last year are ;, and

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Updated September 2020

What This Report Is About

We’ve taken a quick look at the fragrance market this week, seeing who’s online marketing strategy smells the best in 2020.

We’ve jumped in and analysed a range of important perfume market metrics, including keyword opportunity, page speed, and online visibility. All essential factors if you’re looking to make a significant increase in profit from your site this year and beyond.

Use the form above to get access to this exclusive perfume market analysis and see how we’ve sniffed out everything you and your competition are doing on Google.

What does visibility look like in the fragrance industry?

Despite the whole Covid-19 situation, the fragrance industry has been doing fairly well. Overall, the market has increased by 4%. Of course, some brands have excelled more than others.

Brands like Perfume Direct have increased by 93%. Even better, Perfume Price shot up by 1006%, which is awesome. It’ll be cool to see how this brand continues to rise as time goes on.

Now, where some brands have increased, there has also been a decrease for others. Let take The Perfume Shop, for example. Despite being a monster brand, well-known in the industry, they have lost -14% of their visibility. If they want to maintain their top spot in the fragrance world, they should start looking to see how they can reverse this trend.

Here are the top 9 brands in the fragrance market:

  1. (-14%)
  2. (9%)
  3. (20%)
  4. (93%)
  5. (33%)
  6. (3%)
  7. (-19%)
  8. (1006%)
  9. (-1%)

If you want to see a full breakdown of these brands and what they’re doing/not doing to improve their online marketing strategy, download the fragrance market analysis report now.

Fragrance market trends

With Covid-19 sweeping the nation, it’ll be interesting to see how the fragrance market has been affected. After all, you wouldn’t have thought many people would be interested in this market when they’re not leaving the house and have no one to impress.

However, according to market trends, the sector stayed relatively consistent during this time. Saying this, there was a little dip during the 13th week of the year, but it wasn’t significant enough to warrant a full investigation.

Looking into the keywords specifically for this industry, big terms like ‘Perfume’ and ‘Fragrance’ receive thousands of searches a month – upwards of 30K. Getting on the SERPs for these large queries could be a fruitful task. The Perfume Shop reigns supreme with a spot at the top, followed by Fragrance Direct. Nice work!

If you’re looking to rank for lucrative words like this, analysing the brands at the top is a quick way of seeing what’s working in the industry.

To see the full list of trends and keyword opportunities, get your hands on the report using the form above.

How are perfume services performing on social?

Social media is a crucial element of any business. Making sure you’re building an audience on social can benefit you in the long run, translating into sales and customers that you can rely on time and time again.

We perform an analysis on the social side of the fragrance industry to see who’s performing the best. That way, you can see who’s got the best strategy and mimic it for yourself. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel here.

The top five fragrance brands on social sites are:


Our analysis found Fragrance X to be the best brand on social in 2020. They had a social score of 2093 with over 1 million followers across their various platforms. For the fragrance industry, this is actually very good when compared to the competition as other brands have scores below 1000.

When looking at their socials, it is clear why their social score is above everyone else. Their Facebook – which is their best platform in terms of followers – has a decent engagement rate given Facebook’s culling of organic visibility. They post a lot of video reviews featuring people explaining new perfumes and what they’re like. As video content is a great way to boost reach and influence, other brands should be looking to Fragrance X for tips and tricks.

If you want to discover how these brands are utilising social media to generate greater awareness, download our report today.

Page speed for fragrance services

If you’re an ecommerce brand, focusing on page speed is a must. You shouldn’t have your customers waiting around – they’ll get impatient and might go to a competitor to complete their transaction.

Additionally, Google looks at page speed as a ranking signal. So, if you’re looking to increase visibility, focusing on this aspect could see you achieving higher positions.

Because page speed is so important, we include it in our analysis to see which sites are performing the best.

We have identified the fastest sites in the fragrance industry as:


You can find out why page speed is so important here.

Do I have to pay for this report?

No, this report is free. We investigate markets we would like to work with and like to build relationships with existing brands by providing insights.

I can’t seem to find my brand?

If your brand is missing, it may have not met our threshold to be including. However, if you want to be included, get in contact and we can send you a personalised report.

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