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  • has the best brand Reach Score in the industry
  • has the second highest organic visibility score in
  • Sites that have grown considerably in SEO visibility YOY are:, and
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What Is The Log Burner Industry Market Performance Report About?

Interest in log burners (according to Google Trends) has steadily increased for the past 15 years, with small ups and downs to account for the changing seasons. As leaves begin to fall and temperatures start to plummet, more and more people turn to log burners as a source of heat, resulting in an increase in interest on Google.

With this in mind, we decided to start up the fires and dive into the log burning industry, identifying who’s lighting up the search results and who’s smouldering in the background. If you’re looking to ignite your SEO strategy and obtain more traffic, this report will give you the knowledge and insight to do so.

Download our report for free now and find out how you can add a few more logs to your SEO fire.

Visibility In The Log Burner Industry

In general, the log burner industry is roaring, with an annual visibility increase of 38% across the board. However, despite this increase, visibility has fluctuated in the top 10 sites. Some sites have seen increases as high as 70%, whereas others have dwindled and fallen by 2%.

  1. (+8%)
  2. (+70%)
  3. (+10%)
  4. (-25%)
  5. (0%)
  6. (+7%)
  7. (+77%)
  8. (-2%)
  9. (-1%)
  10. (+59%)

When compared to other industries we’ve researched, the visibility scores are relatively low. The top visibility score for the entire report is 4500. Clearly, some of the sites could do with some fuel to catalyse the furnaces of their SEO strategy. If you’re looking to spark some new life into your SEO, get in touch and we’ll give your site a quick 30 minute audit.

Log Burning Trends

The opportunity for log burner sellers to achieve heavy traffic appears to be good. Generic keywords such as ‘log burner’ get 17K in monthly search volume. Additionally, the Google Trends data looks positive, showing a steady increase throughout the years, indicating that this industry is growing. Therefore, there is no better time for sellers to jump on the wagon and fire-up their SEO marketing machines in order to capture that boost in traffic.

Variations of the main keyword also suggest there’s hot opportunities for log burner sellers. Keywords such as ‘electric log burner’ receive 4K monthly searches and are also on a rising trend.

Both of these keywords, as well as many more, are all considered easy difficulty and can be quickly snatched up by sites that know what they’re doing. With a precise SEO strategy, sites can grab these opportunities quickly and reap the benefits in the form of more traffic and more sales.

Want to see who has the most opportunities in the log burner industry? Download the report now.

Socials and Log Burners

Social media is a huge traffic source the log burner companies can’t afford to miss out on. If you aren’t adding fuel to the fire that is your socials, you’re missing out on traffic, customers, and loyal fans. Some brands are complete naturals when it comes to socials, others not so much. So, how are the log burner sellers doing with this traffic source?

The top five log burner brands on social sites are:


Stovax have the most social followers across their platforms, totalling to 21,505 across multiple platforms. Their Facebook contains the majority of their follows, with a community 17K large. The engagement they receive from their followers is impressive to say the least. Their most recent post received over 200 likes and was about their environmental-friendly burners.

Many of Stovax’s posts are beautiful videos of their log burners crackling away and many of these posts received questions and queries from potential customers. Their Instagram follows a similar pattern.

Glowing Embers has the second-best social score with an audience of around 5K, again, spread out over multiple social platforms. Admissibly, this is significantly less than Stovax. However, they are still worth mentioning and may have something to throw into the bonfire that is social media.

Although Glowing Embers has less followers, they still do ok for engagement. On one of their competitions they received over 1000 likes – larger than the majority of posts found on Stovax. Unfortunately, they don’t have an Instagram page, so they are definitely missing out on awareness and traffic from that source.

In summary, the sites and brands in this report are lacking socially. Although some of them are doing ok, there is room for improvement.

Page Speed For Log Burners

When it comes to websites and SEO, you don’t want to have people waiting around. Consumers want their websites to load quickly and if you don’t satisfy this impatient need, you’ll end up losing potential customers to your competition, yikes.

We have identified the fastest sites in the log burner industry as:


You can find out why page speed is so important here.

How Much Does This Report Cost?

Our reports are free. We believe that all the information we find when investigating industries should be available to anyone who finds use for it.

I Think My Brand is Missing?

If your brand is missing from this report, there’s no need to worry. You can get in contact with us and we’ll send you a personalised copy of the data including your brand or company.

Want to know how we can help your site? Simply contact us, we love to chat about online opportunities.

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