Our free market performance report for the Snack Subscription Box market, featuring YOY Online performance from the top Snack Subscription Box brands.

Brands Featured

  • graze.com
  • wearetribe.co
  • tokyotreat.com
  • taffymail.co.uk
  • thesweetclub.co.uk
  • sourcedbox.com
  • cocoacrave.co.uk
  • officepantry.co.uk
  • snackcrate.com
  • radiancecleanse.com
  • eatleancheese.co.uk
  • bakehousecranfield.com
  • lifeboxfood.com
  • mrbigtops.com
  • epicurium.co.uk
  • thegoodnessproject.co.uk
  • purearth.co.uk
  • degustabox.com
  • bokksu.com
  • candyjapan.com
  • eatfruit.co.uk
  • freedomjapanesemarket.com
  • hugosclubs.com
  • japancandybox.com
  • primalsnackbox.co.uk
  • seoulbox.co.uk
  • tastejapan.net
  • thenutribox.com
  • wowboxme.com
  • awebox.co.uk
  • chewymoon.com
  • superfoodio.com
  • fittyldn.com
  • snackly.co.uk
  • snacksandco.co.uk
  • meatbox.com

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What to expect inside

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  • Snack subscription report Visibility year on year table

Latest insights

  • graze.com tops the brand reach score table
  • graze.comis No.1 for overall organic visibility
  • graze.com & thegoodnessproject.co.uk have lost out on signiificant portions of their organic visibility in the last 12 months
  • candyjapan.com is showing to have the fastest pagespeed, an important ranking factor

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Updated Aug 2019

What is this Snack Subscription Box Market performance report about?

We’ve had a little nibble at the snack subscription box market to check out who’s got the best (and the worst) online marketing strategy. If you’re in the snack box subscription industry, these insights could be your answer to achieving your revenue goals for this current year.  

We’ve analysed this market in detail, looking at everything from online visibility to social media score. Many of the metrics you’ll find inside cannot be found in any other report.  

If you’re looking to one-up your SEO and online marketing strategy in 2020, this report is golden. Download it now and reveal hidden opportunities on where you can profit today.  

Who had the most visibility in the snack subscription industry?

The snack subscription box industry is looking rather dim with visibility down by -16% across the entire market. Although some brands have managed to achieve impressive elevations (some as much as 260%), others have seen brighter days. Top brands such as Graze have seen decreases as much as -24%. By the looks of things, they’re in dire need of a complete online revamp.  

  1. graze.com (-24%) 
  2. tokyotreat.com (-1%) 
  3. wearetribe.co (16%) 
  4. thegoodnessproject.co.uk (-31%) 
  5. eatleancheese.co.uk (260%) 
  6. thesweetclub.co.uk (8%) 
  7. bokksu.com (100%) 
  8. taffymail.co.uk (-38%) 
  9. degustabox.com (100%) 
  10. snackcrate.com (0%)

When comparatively analysing the subscription snack box market, it’s apparent the visibility scores are lower. For example, the highest visibility score is 901. However, bear in mind this industry is still relatively new, and progress is still being made.   

Snack food subscription trends 

Because the snack subscription box market is still new and growing, there is plenty of opportunity for brands to take advantage of and eat up their competition on Google. Keywords like ‘snack subscription box UK’ receives around 400 searches a month and has a competition score of 12! This landscape is ripe with opportunity for innovative brands who are willing to put in the groundwork.  

As well as keyword volume and competition, trends are looking positive. Search trends have been increasing every year and there’s a clear upward trend when analysing historical data. With the recent Coronavirus problem, it is predicted this trend will only increase with people stuck inside unable to shop for unessential items.  

Want to see who has the most opportunities in the snack subscription industry? Download the report now.   

Who has the biggest social following in snack subscription?

Social media is incredibly important is you’re looking to engage with a totally new audience who are hungry to buy your products. However, when it comes to social media, some brands are better than others and know the exact tactics to create a loyal following.  

We look at the state of the social environment within the snack subscription service to see who’s producing the tastiest results.  

The top five snack subscription brands on social sites are: 

  1. tokyotreat.com 
  2. japancandybox.com 
  3. graze.com 
  4. taffymail.co.uk 
  5. degustabox.com 

The best brand in the realm of social is Tokyo Treat which has an owned social score of 1033. Across all their social platforms, they have a total of 600K followers, with the most prolific being on Facebook and Instagram – the most popular social platforms at the time.  

When looking into their social strategy deeper, it’s clear they know what they’re doing. They get a good number of likes on their Instagram posts (over 1K) and use Facebook to share fun competitions which get their fan base engaged. Considering their products are mostly Japanese, it’s safe to say they have their ideal audience carved out.  

An honourable shoutout goes to Japan Candy Box which has a higher follower count across their socials. However, many of these followers are on Pinterest, opposed to Facebook and Instagram.  

If you want to dive into the social profiles of these top brands and uncover the tactics and strategies being used to captivate a fanbase, download our report now.  

Who has the fastest page speed in snack subscriptions?

Page speed is a crucial element for any website. Having a slow site can damage your reputation, hurt conversions, and ruin your SEO strategy.  

With more people shopping online than ever, getting this aspect of your site right is important. It’s for this reason why we include a page speed analysis in our reports. 

We have identified the fastest sites in the snack subscription industry as:

  1. candyjapan.com 
  2. snacksandco.co.uk 
  3. radiancecleanse.com 
  4. graze.com 
  5. tastejapan.net  

You can find out why page speed is so important here. 

How much does this report cost? 

Our reports are free. We aim to create positive relationships with businesses by providing industry leading insights.    

I think my brand is missing? 

Sometimes, certain brands don’t meet our requirements. If you are not on this report and want to see how you compare to your competition, get in touch and we can send you a personalised copy immediately.  

Want to know how we can help your site? Simply contact us, we love to chat about online opportunities. 

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