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You know your business better than we do. So it is our responsibility to become as invested in your website as you are. This is what the Salience discovery is all about.

We delve deep into your website at the start of campaign to uncover the biggest threats and opportunities for success. Armed with that information, we can mutually plan what the focus and objectives of your campaign should be.

This is a collaborative venture, not a dictatorship from the agency. Let's work together to get results.

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Before a title tag is tweaked or an image is compressed, the Salience team reviews every aspect of your website to discover the biggest issues and opportunities.

Working with Salience, we have developed a rich source of informative content around sleep and wellbeing for Dreams customers, which drives regular social engagement and web traffic to our site - contributing to our SEO success and underpinning the company’s genuine passion for sleep.

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After the Salience teams have consolidated their findings internally, we share our discoveries with you in a step-by-step and easy to understand way, with no confusing jargon.

I’m impressed with the knowledge and suggestions Salience have actioned to ensure our consistent improvement as a brand

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With both sides in agreement, we plan your websites SEO roadmap for the campaign ahead. We never dictate what should and shouldn't be on the agenda, it is a collaboration designed to deliver success.

We’ve been amazed at the success of this campaign in driving engagement with customers and prospects we never would have imagined

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"The Salience Discovery process was a great starting point for us! It allowed us to block out the noise and collaboratively set out a clear strategy and focus for the campaign. This helped us to recognise the key areas of opportunity in order to maximise performance." Schöffel Country
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  • Technical Discovery

    What Is A Technical Discovery?

    The Technical Discovery is the nuts and bolts review of your website. It considers indexation, accessibility, pagespeed and more to adhere to best practice guidelines.

    There are hundreds of ranking signals in Google’s algorithm and the majority are based on your website health, so this discovery is critical in outlining business focus.

    Used Across Your Business

    In our experience, the Technical Discovery has also proved to be extremely helpful for in-house or external web developers associated with the business. This clear framework allows them to allocate resources weeks in advance instead of reshuffling hours for random tasks.

    The Technical Discovery identifies the biggest website issues and highest priorities that should be tackled first. Once in place, this foundation then allows the rest of the campaign to soar.

  • Links Discovery

    What Is A Links Discovery?

    As part of our discovery process we will look at your current link profile, and how we can improve it. You link profile is important as who is linking to your sites sends signals to search engines about trust. Links can also be a direct source of traffic, as they can bring visitors from other sites straight to certain pages.

    What Makes A Good Link Profile?

    Links profiles can be good or bad, so this is where we start our discovery. Links aren’t all about the numbers, just because you’ve got a ton of links doesn’t mean you have a good link profile. It’s the quality of links that count.

    Many historic techniques for link building create low-quality links. This includes links from low-quality web directories, forum posts and article directories. These can still affect your link profile. A good link profile is made up from high quality, relevant and varied links.

    What Does A Links Discovery Include?

    During our links discovery we will take a gander at your current link profile, to see if it needs a clean-up. Then we can get to building some new, good quality links.

    We have a range of techniques for building you some good quality links. This includes a competitor analysis. It’s always worth checking out your competitors to see where their links come from to see if we can implement a similar strategy! If it works for them, why not us? This also allows us to see where you sit in the market, giving us a benchmark to aim for.

    Other basic strategies include seeing if you have any online mentions, any links that have been lost and looking for online keyword mentions that present an opportunity.

    Another angle we investigate is content based. We will take a good look at the content on your site to see if there are any angles around what you already have. We will also come up with asset ideas that can be used in the future to build links.

    Our Links Discovery let us analyses your current link profile and come up with ways to increase your link profile. We won’t go after hundreds of irrelevant links that could harm you in the future. We’re all about the quality of the links; relevant and high value is what we aim to get.  And our discovery will show the strategies we can use to get you these quality links.

  • Content Discovery

    What Is A Content Discovery?

    The ultimate goal of the content discovery process is to work out an agreed-upon blueprint for drawing in more customers and ensuring your revenue sees an upwards trajectory.

    We review everything from your content depth to content quality and everything in between.

    What Does A Content Discovery Include?

    First, we look at the money pages: revenue-driving categories, subcategories with long-tail opportunity, and lead generating landing pages.

    We spot the opportunities you’ve missed and identify how we can get the house in order in the shortest time possible. This part of the discovery is all about ensuring intent is being served on already-successful pages and optimising those which aren’t yet quite where they need to be.

    Then, we move on to the bigger ideas, the brand content that turns heads. This most often centres around problems and solutions: What questions are your target audience asking? What information do they need? What interests do they have? How we can tap into these and make your brand their go-to brand?

    We achieve this through many avenues, whether that’s an advice centre, a digital magazine, industry analysis or interactive assets. The content discovery process is about finding what does well, finding the gaps, and presenting you with the many options we have for traffic-driving and outreach-worthy content.

    Then, we consider how we can map these different content types back to conversion. Our key focus is ensuring we astound from the get-go and create user flows with inspiration and conversion as their driving principle. The secondary principles are content depth, expertise, trust and authority. From both a search and conversion point of view, content is king. It proves to search engines and users that your site is where they need to be. But great content is only great content if it helps achieve your business goals.

  • Design Discovery

    What Is A Design Discovery?

    The design discovery analyses a site and its main pages from a user experience point of view, deciphering what the goals should be to help the target audience navigate the site and consequently convert into paying customers.

    Main areas of focus for this include; how easy the site is to get from A to B, how the site educates users on its products and/ or services and how they can increase trust factors for not only Google but also potential customers.

    The process also involves examining a range of the company’s competitors to pinpoint any design trends in the market and how they can be incorporated and improved on within their website.

  • Data Discovery

    Data forms the backbone of any digital marketing strategy, so if you’re making decisions off the back of bad quality data, you’re likely to see underwhelming results. That’s why it’s so crucial you have clean, accurate data to give your campaigns every chance of success.

    What does a Data Discovery include?

    A data discovery is made up of three parts:

    1. Data Integrity and Accuracy

    At the first stage of discovery we’ll get to grips with your analytics and tracking tools to ensure the data being recorded in them is accurate and trustworthy. The analysis ranges from implementation errors to front-end configuration, whilst identifying opportunities to extract further insight through advanced tracking solutions. Have a feeling your data is ‘funky’? We’ll get to the bottom of it.

    2. Keyword Research

    Once we’ve sense checked your Analytics tracking, we begin to collate wider datasets which create a roadmap for your campaign. A huge component of this is a large scale piece of keyword research to identify: what users are searching for in your industry, if your current website is optimised to resonate with user intent and areas of opportunity to get a leg up on the competition. This insight is shared across our technical, content and outreach teams so we can plot out and present to you the best route to success.

    3. Reporting and Tracking

    With the above in mind, the final stage of our data discovery is the creation of reporting and KPI tracking. We build for you a bespoke dashboard that illustrates your website performance and we’ll work with you to determine the best KPI’s to benchmark success. Nobody likes flicking through a 20 page report of fluff, so we present your dashboards in a digestable format that’s easy on the eye, packed with actionable insights which don’t get lost in the shuffle. We also set you up on our keyword rank tracking software, creating a bespoke visibility score that tells you how well you’re performing in the SERPS against the competition.

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