140% Increase Non-Branded Converting Keyword
436% Increase in Conversions
63% ROAS Increase

A B2B Confectionery Triumph

Hancocks is a B2B wholesaler targeting corner shop owners, online sweet retailers, etc. In Aug 2022, Hancock’s struggled to increase spend and maintain a desired ROAS.

Salience was tasked with strategising a campaign that could increase non-brand conversions & their value. Up until now, the account had been over-reliant on brand performance. This was due to the performance of brand keywords and the poor set-up of non-brand. Shopping campaigns weren’t an option, so we had to think outside the box…

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436% Conversion rate Increase

Vision & Goals

Hancock’s struggled to increase spend and maintain a desired ROAS, making our objectives clear:

  • Increase non-brand conversions and conversion value MoM
  • Conversion increase x6.
  • Conversion value increase x 6.
  • ROAS to a monthly minimum of 8.

The account had been over-reliant on brand performance. This was due to the performance of brand keywords and the poor set-up of non-brand.

The objective was to make the wide product depth of the website as visible as possible.

We knew from historical data that brand was valuable, meaning we had to drive further top-of-funnel targeting to complement brand. Additionally, we had to ensure that non-brand targeting converted whilst remaining profitable.

The Approach We Took

Due to the product range, it wasn’t feasible to manage an account of 10,000+ keywords. Due to other challenges, we couldn’t run shopping campaigns, making high-intent non-brand keywords, through search, the sole focus.

We required creativity with our strategy – we wanted to replicate shopping campaigns through search, serving appropriate products to search queries.

  • Creative strategy due to large product range and inability to run shopping campaigns.
  • Dynamic search campaigns targeting specific product categories (brands and categories).
  • Focused on trends like vegan products and core keywords.

The Benefits Of Dynamic Search Campaigns

  • The intent of search was met, even if the user wasn’t looking for a specific brand, but the brand sold a version of that product. 
  • If the user needed a specific product size, that product was served to the user, as it would be in a shopping ad.
  • The relevancy of the user’s search was mirrored within the headline. The ad was directly related to that search.
  • Use negative targeting to stop targeting landing pages that weren’t converting or efficient.

Addressing Account Related Problems

When we took over non-brand looked like it was performing well. However, due to a mixture of smart bidding, broad keywords, and no negative keywords, non-brand keywords were serving for Hancocks brand terms. This meant non-brand targeting started with little historical data.

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The Results

  • Achieved early ROAS target but needed effort to boost spend and conversions.
  • Increased non-brand converting keywords by 140.48%.
  • Maintained non-brand ROAS consistently above 8x since October.

Non Branded Converting Keyword Increase


Conversations Increase


Roas Increase


Sweet Success: A B2B Confectionery Triumph


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