Lee Longlands are a family run business that started in 1902. They operate within the Home & Furnishings market and pride themselves on helping homeowners furnish their homes to the highest quality whilst delivering exceptional customer service.


The Challenge

Their main challenge was to consistently drive an increase in non-branded revenue month-on-month in an extremely competitive and high ad spend market against some huge brands.

Recently only coming out of administration and during an international pandemic, they needed to boost their overall sales and quickly.


The Solution

We first of all re-analysed the current attribution model to ensure we knew exactly where Paid Media sat within the user journey. From this, we saw that the current Search setup was inefficient and this highlighted areas that historically we saw as performers, were not. 

We conducted a GAP analysis inline with the current site structure to identify any missing areas within the product ranges and honed in on these with an emphasis on tight-knit ad groups for a better control over spend.

Around 12 months ago we restructured the entire Shopping setup to allow higher control of search queries and we saw great success with this. However we knew there was more potential. We tore down and rebuilt the negative strategy to allow a wider range of queries based off of intent. 

From this, we also knew we had to be savvy in our stance within the shopping carousel. We decided to test alternating our product images from our competitors, along with utilising merchant promotions and sale drops to differentiate our PLAs.

We also benefited from leaning more into smart bidding. We found ourselves capitalising on “off-peak” traffic which turned out to be extremely profitable. By doing so, this freed up further account management time to push back into creation and testing.

Finally, we deployed dynamic remarketing across the site to maintain touchpoints throughout the longer user journey, displaying relevant products our audience would be interested in. By sifting through placements, we were able to pair up relevant placement sites to our demographic.


The Result

Over the 3-month period, we saw huge non-brand gains compared to the previous year.

  • +178% increase in non-brand revenue
  • +65% increase in non-brand average order value
  • +119% increase in non-branded ROI
  • +68% increase in total non-branded sales
  • -36% in non brand CPC’s
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