19% in organic sessions
9% in visibility
429% in conversions

The Brief.

Ted Todd came to Salience with three separate luxury flooring brands that they felt were not working as hard as they could be.

Woodworks, Studio and the main Ted Todd website were silo domains that required extra resources to manage, created a confusing customer journey and desperately needed to be streamlined.

As a result, the decision was made to consolidate Woodworks and Studio into the one Ted Todd domain. One website with one shared voice.

But that wasn’t all, in addition to merging Woodworks and Studio into the main domain, the Ted Todd website was to be redeveloped and expanded.

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429% increase in goal completions.

The Actions.

This would be a large project spanning several months. Salience got straight to work.

Keyword Research

The previous Ted Todd website was very lean and there were many opportunities to expand the site to target more customers and increase visibility.

The keyword research process was comprehensive and proved to be the critical foundation to the whole project.

This important groundwork fuelled every aspect of the strategy, with a clear keyword strategy to aid content, page gaps, site structure and more. We let data lead the way.

Page Gaps

The keyword research, in addition supplementary competitor analysis, identified that there were many important pages missing from the existing sitemap. It was crucial to add these to the new site structure.

Salience didn’t suggest new pages just to chase search volume. These page gaps were carefully considered to meet the intent and the need of the audience.

This research considered customer data on the current website, product stock volume, market demand and more to qualify as a page gap opportunity.


The sitemap for the new Ted Todd website had to consider several important and varied factors.

First, we had to examine all the existing pages on the Ted Todd website to see if they provided value. If not, they were removed. We wanted to trim the fat where possible.

Then Salience had to review the Woodworks and Studio websites to see which pages should be replicated on the Ted Todd domain. Again, we were only interested in keeping the pages that contributed to the website.

Lastly, the sitemap had to include the new opportunities that were discovered during the page gap process. It was important to ensure the website would match customer demands and requirements.

This sitemap was refined following several client collaborations and was then passed to the external web development team to be built in a secure staging environment.

Organic sessions up by 19.3%.

Content Briefs

With the keyword research underpinning the project and the sitemap now outlined, the next stage was the on-page content strategy.

This included data led content briefs which comprised several important search factors such as keyword targeting, page intent, internal linking, popular questions from Google’s ‘people also ask’ data and more.

As the website is lead generation as opposed to ecommerce, the content had to educate the customers as best as possible, giving them the product details and information needed before their consultation. This was not a case of stuffing a bunch of impossible to reach keywords in some fluffy content.

The Results.

The new website was launched in Summer of 2020 and the early results have been significant.

Increase in organic sessions


Increase in goal completions


Increase in conversion rate


Increase in visibility


Customers have tripled.


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