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“If your plan of action is already in play, you’re doing great. If you’re thinking ‘that seems like a way off, yet. Let’s park this for a month or so’ then you could be failing to make the most of the opportunity.” Inspired by the Transatlantic trend of crazy retail deals the day after Thanksgiving, Black Friday in the UK is becoming bigger and more popular by the year. Most e-commerce and retail sites plan for Black Friday months in advance, but there are always ways to improve your strategy and things you can learn along the way. To help you make the most of Black Friday we’ve herded our experts in conversion, design, content and PR to provide you with four actionable steps that will give you:

  • A reusable page every year – for every sales event, working in WordPress
  • An engaged email list to build your owned audience
  • Authoritative links for your SEO benefit
  • A tangible ROI

We’ll talk you through these tasks:

Planning for Black Friday

Realising on the last week of November that you haven’t prepared anything for Black Friday is a retailer’s worst nightmare. Ideally, you should be planning months in advance so you can get your keyword research up to scratch, plan your launch and tap into the early search hype surrounding the event to target the right customers.

Search optimisation

Tech optimisation is a huge part of whether your Black Friday page will perform well and convert or be unsuccessful. You’ll need to do some proper research around which high volume keywords you should focus on and where you really want to target this page. If you’re a department store but only electrical keywords are booming, it makes sense to focus your strategy around your electrical products. Your page title and meta description are also massively important. This is the window to your page and the first thing that users will see on Google. Offer USPs, amazing deals and make your listing stand out from the crowd for the right reasons. Make sure your page has at least 400 words of quality copy (no keyword stuffing or hidden text), insert internal links to the right pages and set up analytics for goal tracking.

Design elements for your Black Friday page

The main design elements to think about are ensuring the page is eye-catching, big and bold, has an email capture form and countdown timer as well as content for SEO. If you want to see our mockup using Pulp Fiction’s Big Kahuna Burger make sure you take a look inside.

Creating hype around Black Friday

While outreach can get you links which will boost the authority of the page, publications are only likely to cover your page if you’ve got a crazy giveaway or some sort of gimmick. Paid media is the more feasible option here, helping you to appear at the top of SERPs for those keywords that’ll serve you best. Download for free today.

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