What you'll get from this Ebook

We’ve worked with many charities over the years, and we often come across the same pain points or digital challenges with each one. This Ebook looks at two of the biggest areas in which charities can improve to increase the number of donations they get year on year. We’ve split the Ebook into two sections to cover these areas in detail.

Part One: Google Ad Grants

The Google Ad Grant is a bursary of $10,000 given to charities and non-profit organisations each month which can be used to spend on paid advertising. The grant is given by Google and redeemable on Google Ads which take up a lot of real estate at the top of SERPs for most high volume keywords. In the non-profit world, this grant can be a life-saver and can make the difference between a small increase in the number of donations and a 46% increase in donations. We know because we’ve done it and we’ve been shortlisted for awards for it (not-so-humble-brag).

In this section of the Ebook, you’ll find out:

  • How to see whether you’re eligible for Google Ad Grants 
  • How the Google Ad Grant scheme works and how paid ads work
  • Rules about how to use the account
  • Bidding strategies
  • The importance of quality score
  • Ad extensions
  • Ad Grant Compliance Policy
  • Billing information

Read more about how to apply for Google Ad Grants and how to get the most out of your Google Ad Grants account.

Part Two: Conversion Page Fundamentals

Once your site is hitting those ads and gaining more clicks, you need to make sure that it’s designed in a way that makes people want to donate – you’d be surprised at how difficult this is even when they’ve clicked on your listing.

There are certain fundamental components your page must have in order to convert well. They are:

  • Strong page layout and focus
  • Clean design
  • Images
  • A standout donation button
  • Copy
  • USPs
  • Responsive design and speed

In this section of the Ebook, we’ll look at these areas in detail to help you create a landing page that not only converts but also gets across your charity’s message in the best possible way.

Still struggling with digital fundraising for your charity? Let us help.

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