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“You need a team of copywriters, designers, PRs and strategists to effectively turn your business into a publisher.” Nowadays, having a successful digital magazine or resource centre isn’t as simple as just uploading to a blog like it used to be. This Ebook explores the steps to take once your content marketing platform is launched. You’ll find out how to create content that makes an impact, what you can do to promote it and how to ensure it performs well thereafter. With Google’s latest E-A-T algorithm update focusing on producing quality content that is relevant, trustworthy, functional, engaging and authoritative, getting your content plan together properly is now more important than ever. These are some of the points we’ll cover:

Identifying content topics

How do you continually come up with interesting content ideas? Ideation sessions are the key to this, encouraging people to do their own research and come to the meeting prepared with some killer content ideas. Collaboration is important, and you can’t expect every idea to make the cut. The STEPPS rule is a fantastic way to test whether your titles are worth your time and investment, or can even shape a seed of an idea into a fully formed sunflower.

How to create an editorial plan

Remember in school when your teacher would bang on about planning your work before writing it? Remember ignoring them and getting a bad mark? Well, now’s the time to take the advice and get on board with planning. The most important part of any editorial plan, regardless of how rigid or fluid it is, is the briefs within it. Some people prefer not to plan content for extended periods of time (for example, if you work to an agile method), but you’ll still need to properly lay the ground rules for your articles if you want them to end up in any fit state for publishing. This includes goals, target audiences, a tone of voice, sources and keywords.

How to optimise your content

Once your content is decided, it’s time to make sure that Google will love it, too. You can’t just write any old article and expect it to rank straight away – if that was the case we’d all be pretty rubbish at our jobs. Flex your SEO skills with some keyword research, write a snappy title and meta description and, most importantly, make sure the article or asset does what it’s supposed to do. Google wants your content to serve the user intent – make sure it does.

Ways to promote blog posts or assets

Nobody’s (probably) ever going to see your work if you don’t shout about it at least a bit. Promote it on social media channels. Outreach it to publications. Get those links. Tell your Mum to show it to her friends. But don’t be spammy about it – no one likes spam.

Measuring content progress and success

You’ve planned, prepared and published your content. It’s had thousands of shares, hundreds of links and multiple people talking about it. What a roaring success. If only this was always the case. Sadly, it won’t be, but there are things to take away from every piece of content your produce. Even if your content bombed, you can use the data to figure out what went wrong and where you can improve next time.

Refine and repeat

Take what you’ve done before, see where you performed well, where you could have done better and use this information to your advantage. Never rinse and repeat, always refine and repeat. Download for free today.

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