There’s a lot to be said for succeeding in a highly competitive area, like winning a podium in the Olympics. It’s no short achievement and you could probably learn a lot by studying someone who makes it.

Our 2022 Kitchen Salience Index presented a picture of an ever-growing competitive kitchen space.

Average visibility of the top 50 retailers grew 12% year on year within search results – meaning the online marketplace is becoming even more competitive.

That same report highlighted the industry’s trailblazers – the brands accelerating growth leaps & bounds ahead of the industry average. Below are tactics you can learn & apply yourself.


Who are the winning kitchen brands in 2022?

  • – 807%
  • – 154%
  • – 65%
  • – 35%

(Above data: Year on year organic visibility growth.)

2022 kitchen unicorn, Benchmark Kitchens grows 807%

Over 2021-2022, Benchmarkx Kitchens set the level for what rapid growth looks like. Some catalysts of that growth:

1. Cleaned up filter pages – Last year filter pages were all over the shop. See the difference:

This has had an incredible effect on their capacity to rank:

More indexable pages + more relevant url slugs = better rankings

The above change saw a ranking change from 49 to 4 within search results. has huge link building rally

The last 12 months has seen astronomical lift in Häfele’s link profile. There’s lots of historic brand clout associated with Häfele, however, it’s surely no accident they’ve been picking up hundreds of trade press links recently:

This is clearly a targeted PR effort to bring SEO value & authority to the brand.

KILLER style buying guides

Shopping around by style is commonplace in 2022. Instagram & Pinterest have the everyday kitchen owner clued in on the latest design trends. However, it’s the execution within these guides that truly shines.

Some things to appreciate from Wren Kitchens:

  • Great product imagery
  • Links under imagery routing directly to relevant product page
  • No overburdening the user with unnecessary/ fluffy copy.
  • Timely & relevant links to additional products & accessories you may want to consider at this stage.

The above is Wren’s pricing estimator. Simple to grasp, it allows the user to understand the different product ranges available, other aspects of the project likely to have been forgotten and, of course, the associated price tag.

Another ranking factor that can’t be overlooked is Wren’s approach to trust signals:

3 ways Wren Kitchens inspire trust from users:

  1. Social proof – “the UK’s No.1 Kitchen retailer”
  2. 20 Year guarantee
  3. Integrated trust pilot reviews – Better than reviews hosted on site, there’s natural mistrust

To finish up they close off the product page with a link to their tips & ideas page: the ideal place to push traffic considering a purchase. The page organises guides into topically relevant and easy-to-use categories.


Final note

Lots of tactics any kitchen retailer could apply to their own brand above, hopefully you can see success like these trail blazers 2023. If you’re interested in understanding how the rest of the marketplace performed ove 2021-2022, download our 2022 Kitchens Salience Index here.