How Mira Fit Are Doing The Heavy Lifting In The Fitness Equipment Industry

Whether you’re a January joiner, a bodybuilder or a spin class enthusiast, there is no doubt that health and fitness products, subscriptions and memberships are everywhere we look.

The Health & Fitness equipment industry had a market value of US$17.39bn in 2023 and is estimated to grow at a 5.3% annual growth rate until 2030. As a society we are becoming progressively more health conscious, with considerations for our physical and mental health being a bigger priority, hence the continued growth in this market.

UK gym memberships are reported to be up 3.9% YoY; however, during the pandemic, we were forced to shift behaviours and to both work and workout from home, meaning consumers were more likely to invest in equipment and home gyms. With an estimated annual growth of 5.3%, it appears this trend is not slowing down, and Mira Fit are more than keeping up with the competition.

Whilst consideration for our health and fitness has increased, there is still a cost of living crisis, and the cost of a home gym is out of many people’s reach. So, how are Mira Fit seeing such significant growth and encouraging customers to make serious investments in their fitness journey?

Who is Mira Fit?

Mira Fit has been working hard and is now starting to see the gains in the market. They live by the core principle that exercise improves lives, and to support this, they provide a range of fitness equipment for all levels of ability and budget. They further support their community by providing helpful content through videos, workouts and informational blogs.

The Salience fitness equipment market report has seen Mira Fit achieve a 98% increase in YoY traffic score, putting themselves 2nd in the market with a high traffic score and authority.

Authority is about the stature and reputation of your website. Search engines like high authority sites as they’re loaded with trust-worthy signals. Proving that the supporting content and videos which Mira Fit has worked hard on are not only helpful to their community but are being recognised as high-quality content by the search engines.

Catering to all fitness levels

Mira Fit recognises that not everyone who wants to get fit is at the same level or working towards the same goal. This is reflected in their product range and website.

Homepage considerations 

On the homepage, you are not immediately faced with the price brackets for the products on sale. In fact, the only points around price are in the USP bar, boasting £4.95 delivery and finance available on orders over £2000.

Top banner on the Mira fit website with trust pilot reviews, delivery info, PayPal information and finance information

Instead, Mira Fit focus on the needs of the user, recognising that not everyone is working towards the same fitness goal. The product selection on the homepage reflects this by being interchangeable depending on needs: getting started, home gym, powerlifting or strongman.

Images of gym equipment on the Mira fit website

This entices the user into researching the products, the quality and how they can support their fitness goals, ahead of looking at price.

PLPs built to help

The product listing page is where you first meet with the price of the equipment. For those price-sensitive, you can sort by price.

However, Mira Fit chose to focus on providing their customers with relevant information about their products and the user’s fitness goals over being cheap and cheerful. You can see this as an option to tailor your experience and continue with a wide selection of helpful filters.

Image of a product filter menu on the Mira fit website

To further support users who are browsing but unclear on exactly what they need, Mira Fit offers a clearly signposted buyers’ guide with categories for all the key product groups to ensure the customer is buying the correct product for their needs.

Banner image saying 'For expert advice, read our buyers guide'Thumbnails of different buyer guides for Dumbells, Kettle bells, Power racks, Squat racks

PDPs building trust gains

On the product pages, Mira Fit continues to offer guidance and support to the users by providing images of the products in use and videos on how to use the equipment correctly and safely. Once again, this is a strong trust signal, demonstrating their expertise in what they are selling and ensuring they support every user in purchasing the right product.

Images in situ

Picture of a man barbell squatting

How to use video

Thumbnail of a video showing how to use a squat rack

There is extensive information on the product, and it shows compatible items, too. This does not feel like a pushy upsell opportunity but a further positive signal that they support the customer in getting the correct equipment to help their fitness journey.

A detailed product description on one of Mira fit's product pages

By the time the user has progressed to the product page, they will be informed of the product range and which product is right for them. It is here they are given pricing and payment options.

Covering the details in the blog

Knowledge is power, and to reach your goals, you must educate yourself throughout your health and fitness journey. Mira Fit is not just here to provide the bars and weights; they have an extensive catalogue of almost 800 articles covering various topics to support their community.

To help users navigate the vast amount of information, the blog is easily filtered to find the relevant content.

An image of search filters available on Mira Fit's blog

Once on the article, users can read helpful information, watch tutorials, or use workout templates, all of which will support a range of fitness fanatics. Mira Fit also provides helpful and relevant links to products referenced within the article, again, not feeling pushy but supportive.

An Image of related products shown at the bottom of a blog.

Most of Google’s recent algorithm updates have referenced the importance of user-first, helpful content, and Mira Fit perfectly demonstrates this. Although they have a large amount of content, it is all relevant to the users and their intent of using the Mira Fit site, as well as demonstrating their expertise in their industry.

Supporting customers at points all stages of their journey

It is not only the blog lifting the weight for supporting the users. Mira Fit have supported their community at every point in their journey on the site.Buying journey from awareness to consideration, to decision, to purchase, to retention


These users may be progressing their fitness journey; they have an idea of a goal but not of how to achieve it, and have no knowledge of Mira Fit. Therefore, they are likely to be researching online about topics which are covered in the Mira Fit blog.


These users are now more familiar with what they need to do to achieve their fitness goals and are shopping around for the best brands to provide their fitness equipment. Mira Fit have strong brand trust signals sitewide, from USPs, reviews, and delivery information.

Top banner on the Mira fit website with trust pilot reviews, delivery info, PayPal information and finance information

Mira fit trust pilot reviews


Mira Fit builds a strong connection between content and products by directing users from blogs to relevant, related products and vice versa, providing users with information and guidance from product pages. All of this supports the user in ensuring they are buying the equipment that best suits their fitness goals.

Related products show at the bottom of an article


The users want to be part of the Mira Fit community; they want trust in the brand and the product. At this stage, they want and need an easy user experience to complete the purchase. On the PLPs, we see Mira Fit offering wish lists and clear CTAs. For example, they can ‘add to cart’ or if there are variables of a product, they are directed to ‘view details’.

An example of a category page where audiences can add a product to bag or 'view details'Retention

The hustle never stops. Once the user has purchased the equipment, they want to be part of the community. By keeping the content on the site fresh, relevant, and informative, users see Mira Fit as a trustworthy source for their fitness advice, encouraging them to return to the blog and make further purchases in the future.

What can brands learn from Mira Fit

Know your community – Mira Fit understands who their customers are, and despite the variety of goals and experiences, they cater to every customer’s needs. They do this through great UX, helpful content and sitewide strong trust signals. Customers will become loyal to the Mira Fit brand, by using their fitness guides and blog content, encouraging return custom.

Be the expert in your field—Mira Fit’s customers see them as a fountain of knowledge, not just a retailer. They showcase their knowledge through their knowledge of exercises, the way to reach a fitness goal, and their knowledge of their products.

If you are a brand in the fitness equipment market looking to upscale your digital marketing efforts, contact the Salience team and claim a free site audit.