Our FREE Computer Retail Industry Report provides 2021 computer industry analysis, trends & statistics, looking at the top 50 brands in the online market!

Brands Featured

  • laptopsdirect.co.uk
  • ebuyer.com
  • scan.co.uk
  • overclockers.co.uk
  • box.co.uk
  • aria.co.uk
  • laptopoutlet.co.uk
  • cclonline.com
  • pcspecialist.co.uk
  • awd-it.co.uk
  • misco.co.uk
  • mac4sale.co.uk
  • cyberpowersystem.co.uk
  • pcpartpicker.com
  • microdream.co.uk
  • refurbishedlaptops.co.uk
  • bargainhardware.co.uk
  • jigsaw24.com
  • chillblast.com
  • europc.co.uk
  • fiercepc.co.uk
  • macfinder.co.uk
  • macstoreuk.com
  • cheaplaptopcompany.co.uk
  • itzoo.co.uk
  • affordablemac.co.uk
  • avpartsmaster.co.uk
  • gladiatorpc.co.uk
  • tier1online.com
  • computerdiscounts.co.uk
  • gigarefurb.co.uk
  • dinopc.com
  • hoxtonmacs.co.uk
  • palicomp.co.uk
  • ukgamingcomputers.co.uk
  • blackbarncomputers.com
  • hst.co.uk
  • mycheaplaptop.co.uk

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Latest insights

  • pcspecialist.co.uk, for the second year running, has the best brand reach score in the industry
  • Also for the scond year running, laptopsdirect.co.uk has the highest organic visibility score,
  • Sites that have grown considerably in SEO visibility YOY are: aria.co.uk, laptopoutlet.co.uk and cclonline.com
  • Sites that have lost visibility in the last year are: ebuyer.com & overclockers.co.uk

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1-50 Brands tanked

Report Updated August 2021

What is the Computer Retail Industry Report about?

We’ve decoded the matrix with this sector report and computer industry analysis. Breaking down the hardware in the computer and electronics industry, uncovering its biggest secrets and worst nightmares, especially when it comes to a digital marketing and SEO strategy.

To all the computer retail marketers, the findings in this report will shock you. If you’re looking to learn a thing or two about your closest competitors, the overall industry you sit in, and how to overclock your marketing strategy this year and beyond, I suggest you download this insightful asset.

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The winners and losers in the online computer and electronics industry

The sparks aren’t flying in the electronics and computer industry this year. Overall, the entire online market is down by -4%. For the brands within, it’s clear their SEO and marketing strategy could do with a new update. Of course, not all brands did poorly in this year’s report. Let’s dive into some of the specific data to get a better overview.

The winners this year include the likes of AWD IT, who have seen a monstrous increase of 132% visibility. They’ve been closely followed by Computer Discounts, who have achieved a respectable 122% increase, not bad at all.

Unfortunately, we do have to discuss the losers. Let’s take My Cheap Laptop, who have lost a staggering -100% in organic visibility. HST aren’t far behind with a similar loss of -81%. These electronic brands could do with a boost.

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Which are the biggest online computer and electronics brands in 2021?

Here is a quick rundown of the top 10 sites:

  1. laptopsdirect.co.uk
  2. ebuyer.com
  3. scan.co.uk
  4. overclockers.co.uk
  5. box.co.uk
  6. aria.co.uk
  7. laptopoutlet.co.uk
  8. cclonline.com
  9. pcspecialist.co.uk
  10. awd-it.co.uk

Which online computer and electronics brands have seen the biggest growth in 2021?

  1. awd-it.co.uk (132%)
  2. computerdiscounts.co.uk (122%)
  3. mac4sale.co.uk (81%)
  4. pcpartpicker.com (39%)
  5. dinopc.com (34%)

Which online computer and electronics brands have seen the biggest losses in 2021?

  1. mycheaplaptop.co.uk (-100%)
  2. hst.co.uk (-81%)
  3. cheaplaptopcompany.co.uk (-66%)
  4. tier1online.com (-58%)
  5. blackbarncomputers.com (-58%)

Which online computer and electronics brands have the best digital reach?

Digital brand reach is an essential metric every brand should be optimising for. With so many media channels and avenues of communication, reaching your audience is easier than ever. But how well are they remembering you?

We’ve tried to answer this for you by compiling a digital brand reach league table. This takes a look at social media engagement and online brand mentions to see how far your messaging it going. Using this, you can see which computer brand is marketing their brand the best.

For quick reference, the best computer and electronics brand for digital brand reach is PC Specialist. This large online retailer has an owned social score of 670 and receives 110K branded searches every month. Despite the smaller social score, they’re doing very well to get their brand out their and in front of the people who matter. Use them for tips if you’re looking to grow this metric.

Runners up include Scan, Overclockers, and Ebuyer who all have achieved tops spots for the digital brand reach. Nice work.

Want to see where your computer brand came in our digital brand reach league table? Get the free report now.

What are the high competition keywords in the online computer and electronics industry?

As you can imagine, the keywords in the tech and computer space aren’t for the faint hearted. They are incredibly competitive and only bigger and/or savviest brands survive.

Nonetheless, understanding the competitive playing field is important. After all, these competitive keywords hold a lot of commercial intent, and they can drastically impact the bottom line of any of the brands in this report.

The most competitive term in the online laptop industry is “laptop”. Who would’ve guessed? This general, broad keyword receives 450K searches every month and has a competitive rating of 69/100. It’s safe to say getting this keyword would require a lot of resources and skill.

Despite the difficulty, some of the brands on this report have managed to achieve a top spot. Laptops Direct and Ebuyer both have landed first page positions. Nice work. If you want to see how to get a position like this, see what these brands are doing and mimic their strategy.

If you want to see more opportunities just like this, get the free report now.

What are the keyword opportunities in the online computer and electronics industry?

As well as understanding the competitive playing field, looking for those hidden opportunities in keywords is very important. These easy opportunities allow smaller brands with little authority to get ahead of the curve and improve the bottom line.

It’s for this reason we include an analysis of the opportunity keywords in the report.

Here’s a breakdown of some of the content formats and notable differences we found when investigating the opportunity keywords in the computer industry.

Laptops for Specific Demographics

One of the first things we spotted when looking at the opportunity keywords was the prevalence of “consideration” keywords. These are terms which indicate someone is close to a purchase but isn’t quite ready to make a choice. They’re categories by “best” keywords or “reviews”.

Some of the opportunity keywords indicate specific demographics are looking for specific laptops. The keyword “best laptops for businesses” is present in our list, and it got us thinking about all the other specific audiences you could target and segment with variation.

With a bit of research and creativity, you could stay ranking for a ton of consideration keywords, closing more sales as you do.

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Which online computer and electronics brands have the best online reputation?

Online reputation is important online, especially when Google is using it as a signal in the E-A-T algorithm. However, not only is it important from Google’s POV, but it is also important for consumers as well.

Because of all this, we perform a reputation analysis using Trust Pilot reviews, analysing all the computer and electronics brands in the report to see who’s delivering the best service and products.

Here are the top 5 brands who are crushing it in terms of online reputation:

  1. pcspecialist.co.uk
  2. cclonline.com
  3. scan.co.uk
  4. ebuyer.com
  5. chillblast.com

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Which online Computer and electronics brands have the fastest page speed?

Page speed is a crucial element in any SEO campaign. You’d be stupid not to make sure your site is optimised for speed in 2020.

Speed impacts your ranking on Google and your conversions from customers. Thus, making sure it is tip-top is essential.

We perform an analysis of all the brand’s page speeds in this report, so you can see who is performing the best and how to do the same to your site.

Here’s what PageSpeed Insights identified as the top 5 fastest Computer and electronics brands:

  1. pcpartpicker.com
  2. ebuyer.com
  3. blackbarncomputers.com
  4. tier1online.com
  5. pcspecialist.co.uk

Interested to see where you came? Get the free report now.

Read more about the importance of page speed here.

Does the Computer and Electronics Industry Report cost?

No, these reports are free. We want to build relationships with brands by providing impartial competitive research and insight. Use the form at the top of this page to download your free copy now.

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