We've Produced A Tile Industry Performance Report That Ranks Industry Leaders Against Each Other, Analysing Key Performance Metrics.

Brands Featured

  • toppstiles.co.uk
  • firedearth.com
  • tiles-direct.com
  • wallsandfloors.co.uk
  • tilegiant.co.uk
  • britishceramictile.com
  • porcelainsuperstore.co.uk
  • mandarinstone.com
  • tilemountain.co.uk
  • ctdtiles.co.uk
  • originalstyle.com
  • totaltiles.co.uk
  • johnson-tiles.com
  • al-murad.co.uk
  • directtilewarehouse.com
  • tilechoice.co.uk
  • colourflooring.co.uk
  • crowntiles.co.uk
  • solusceramics.com
  • tileflair.co.uk
  • stonetilecompany.co.uk
  • claybrookstudio.co.uk
  • porcelain-tiles.co.uk
  • tilesuk.com
  • harveymaria.com
  • tiledepot.com
  • tilezone.co.uk
  • atlasceramics.co.uk
  • minoli.co.uk
  • mosaicvillage.co.uk
  • stokestiles.co.uk
  • bertandmay.com
  • ottotiles.co.uk
  • targettiles.co.uk
  • londontile.co.uk
  • flooranddecor.com
  • mosafil.co.uk
  • ceramictile.co.uk
  • eurotilesandbathrooms.com
  • terrazzo-tiles.co.uk
  • cravendunnill.co.uk
  • justtiles.co.uk
  • rubbermattingco.co.uk
  • originalfeatures.co.uk
  • lindseylang.co.uk
  • tilemonkey.co.uk

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What to expect inside

  • 2021 Tile Industry Report Front Cover
  • 2021 Tile Industry Report Index
  • 2021 Tile Industry Report Vis YoY

Latest insights

  • porcelanosa.com has the best Brand Reach Score in the industry.
  • firedearth.com has the second highest organic visibility.
  • Sites that have grown considerably in SEO visibility YOY are: toppstiles.co.uk, firedearth.com and britishceramictile.com.
  • Sites that have lost visibility in the last year are: tilemountain.co.uk, tilechoice.co.uk and stonetilecompany.co.uk.

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Report Updated October 2021

What is this tile industry report about?

The online tiles industry report examines the sector’s performance over the past year. The research provides a larger view of the tile industry and where each brand fits into the general hierarchy of the sector, making it an essential resource for any tiling retailer!

The data in this report is essential to any tiling website looking to build their online growth. We delve into how online tile websites approach digital marketing and how well their efforts perform on search engines. Based on important factors like organic visibility, page speed, domain authority, and more, you’ll gain a thorough insight into what your competitors are doing.

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SEO winners and losers in the online tile industry

Organic visibility is one of the most essential performance indicators in any online industry. This metric shows what proportion of the overall online tile capacity is occupied by your company. Increasing visibility every year is a difficult task. And some online tiling suppliers have succeeded better than others.

The industry overall grew by 20% over the past 12 months. This increase is huge, no doubt individuals decided to re-decorate their homes during COVID-19. So, where did they decide to purchase tiles? The renowned Topps Tiles website visibility increased by 8%. But websites to watch carefully are Fired Earth with an increase of 388% and British Ceramic Tile with an increase of 596%. Both must be doing something right in their digital marketing efforts.

Sadly, there will be losers where there are winners. Even though the overall industry has seen a massive uplift in visibility, some tile retailers have majorly suffered. Rubber Matting Co decreased visibility by 96% and Tile Mountain decreased by 46%. When it comes to digital marketing and SEO, they certainly have some work to do. Especially as there is a demand for tiles right now.

Make sure you get your free copy of the report to find out how well your website has performed over the past year. Did your website help the tile industry thrive with a 20% increase in visibility? Simply fill in the form above and find out.

Which are the biggest brands in the online tile sector 2021?

Here is a quick rundown of the top 10 sites:

  1. toppstiles.co.uk
  2. firedearth.com
  3. tiles-direct.com
  4. wallsandfloors.co.uk
  5. tilegiant.co.uk
  6. britishceramictile.com
  7. porcelainsuperstore.co.uk
  8. mandarinstone.com
  9. tilemountain.co.uk
  10. ctdtiles.co.uk

Which online tile retailers have seen the biggest growth in 2021?

  1. toppstiles.co.uk +8%
  2. firedearth.com +388%
  3. britishceramictile.com +596%
  4. porcelainsuperstore.co.uk +79%
  5. mandarinstone.com +77%

Which online tile retailers have seen the biggest losses in 2021?

  1. tilemountain.co.uk -46%
  2. tilechoice.co.uk  -45%
  3. stonetilecompany.co.uk  -57%
  4. harveymaria.com -78%
  5. rubbermattingco.co.uk -96%

Which online tile websites have the best digital reach?

Knowing how well your brand reaches its target audience is critical, especially if you do business online. In our research, we’ve included a digital reach league table to highlight who has the loudest digital voice in the tile industry.

The tile industry report will show which websites are using social media and branded marketing successfully amongst their audience. We take into account a variety of social signals and brand searches to conclude a final digital reach score.

Topps Tiles is one of the current digital reach leaders. They receive a huge 201,000 brand searches every month and have a social score of 256,13055, which is amazing! They are definitely a website to watch closely if you’re looking to expand your digital reach. What exactly are they doing right? Take notes!

Here is a quick rundown of the top 5 sites:

  1. toppstiles.co.uk
  2. tilegiant.co.uk
  3. tilemountain.co.uk
  4. porcelanosa.com
  5. firedearth.com

What are the high competition keywords in the online tile industry?

High-competition keywords exist in every industry and identifying them can be difficult. Keyword research necessitates a significant amount of effort and time. Don’t panic, our study will quickly assist you in identifying the keywords you should be targeting.

Competitive keywords are those that have a high search volume. They’re the long-tail keywords that account for the vast bulk of searches in any industry. You’ll get beneficial impacts in website traffic if you can rank for one of these keywords in a healthy SERP position. And we all know that the more visitors your site gets, the better your prospects of increasing revenue are.

The most competitive keyword in the online tile industry is “bathroom tiles,” which receives 110K searches per month and has a competitive rating of 65/100. If you’re a tiling website that does not target this specific keyword already, then make sure you pencil it in your digital marketing strategy moving forward! Whilst it will take a lot of time, products, and content to compete with the high competition in this market- it’s certainly a goal to work towards.

To discover a whole list of competitive keywords in the online tile industry, download the free report.

What are the keyword opportunities in the tile industry?

The report also dives into the industry’s opportunity keywords with high search prospects. We’re talking about low-competition keywords that, if you know a bit or two about SEO, can help you swiftly achieve greater visibility.

Here’s a trend we found after reading the report and analysing the data:

Grey Bathroom Tiles

As grey colour schemes have become a massive interior design trend of 2021, there is no surprise that “grey bathroom tiles” has become a huge keyword opportunity with 14,800 monthly searches and a competitive rating of just 25/100. And guess who takes the number one spot on Google SERP for this keyword? Topps Tiles!

If you start to assess why they are doing so well here, you’ll see that they have a big grey tiles product range, share inspiration, advice, and guides that all internally link to the grey bathroom tile category. These are some of the things you should be taking note of as a tiling company looking to boost your online visibility.

To explore more keyword opportunities, download the free report. You’d be surprised how much insight you can learn from it.

Metro Tiles

Metro tiles seem to be very desirable in interior spaces in 2021 from looking at the average monthly search volume. “Metro tiles” receives on average 18,100 monthly searches and has a competitive rating of just 32/100, therefore, we consider this a high opportunity keyword.

Who takes the top spot on Google for this keyword? MetroTiles.co.uk. After all, their whole website is built around this tile type. Wallsandfloors.co.uk takes the second spot and if you look at their metro category page, you’ll see the implementation of the idea of optimised copy. At the top of the page and below the fold, they have included keyword-rich copy that enhances the possibility of the page ranking for this particular keyword. This is an idea to consider if you want to grow your online visibility.

Which tile websites have the best online reputation?

In 2021, E-A-T has become essential. It proves to Google that your website is reliable. You can begin to develop trust by displaying trust signals throughout your website, one of which is through reviews.

We have analysed all of the Trust Pilot reviews of the tiling websites included in the free report as reviews are so important to any website’s performance. All of this is done so you can see who has the best customer feedback. With this knowledge, you can determine which marketing plan to emulate.

Here are the top 5 brands with the best online reputations:

  1. wallsandfloors.co.uk
  2. tilemountain.co.uk
  3. crowntiles.co.uk
  4. stonetilecompany.co.uk
  5. ctdtiles.co.uk

Want to see where your brand ended up? Get the report now.

Which online tile sites have the fastest page speed?

Page speed is one of Google’s ranking factors, so make sure it’s speedy to appeal to Google’s algorithm and climb up the SERPs. Building a strong technical website foundation is key to perform on search engines, it’s not just about the content you see on the page.

We put all the tile websites in the report through a speed test, so you know who you’re competing with.

Here are the websites that PageSpeed Insights identified as the top 5 fastest tile websites:

  1. tiledepot.com
  2. rubbermattingco.co.uk
  3. terrazzo-tiles.co.uk
  4. tiles-direct.com
  5. stokestiles.co.uk

If you’d like to find out your brand’s speed rating, download the free report.

Read more about the importance of page speed here.

Is this report free?

Without a doubt! This report, like all our others, is entirely free! Simply fill out the form at the top of the page to obtain the report. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

I can’t find my brand?

Don’t worry if you haven’t discovered your site here, it doesn’t imply we don’t have any information for you. While the best performers in the industry are highlighted in this report, we always audit the whole sector to provide you with a thorough understanding. As a result, we always have more data on hand.

Get in touch with us today if you’d like a custom report that includes your website or if you’d like to learn more about how we can design a tailored SEO plan for you.

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