33% in Leads
46% in Conversion Rate
-12% in Cost per Acquisition

Challenge. Accepted.

Funktion Events: market-leading event’s agency.

Operating across the UK and in 37 overseas locations delivering hen & stag do’s, private parties, team building & corporate events.

Prior to COVID-19, Funktion was seeing exceptional growth during Q1, however, with the pandemic reaching Europe’s shores, this all changed. The travel & Events industry was one of the hardest-hit verticals globally., Funktion had to immediately hibernate their business.


In mid-June, we picked up that “hen party” searches we’re seeing an uplift. Quickly, we re-activated campaigns targeted campaigns, running small tests to measure the viability of a full campaign.

We saw results similar to our 2019 period. However, the actual lead conversion rate was lower due to customer confidence, uncertainty and local lockdowns looming. Despite offering solutions to customers pain points within the ad copy and discount incentives, it was extremely challenging to increase total conversion volume.

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33increase in leads.

The Actions.

Funktion quickly identified a new form of activity with Virtual Team Building Activities and Virtual Christmas Party Ideas. We instantly pivoted the account and identified a set of decent volume keywords with little competition and deployed tight-knit themed ad groups to sculpt traffic to the correct ad and establish a high quality score across the account.

Personalisation Gains

As we only had a small budget in comparison to prior months, we had to get creative with our ad scheduling. We utilised an hourly bid modifier script to ensure we only bid at profitable times of the week.

We then tailored each ad set to alleviate the current problems that potential customers are facing and offered relevant solutions to assist this through ad text and extensions. This also assisted in maintaining extremely high quality scores to ensure our spend was effective as possible.

Leveraging Automation

As the marketplace reacted quickly and instantly got competitive, we knew we had to introduce smart bidding to warrant our auction price bid was substantial enough to win a profitable ad spot. 



Maintaining Touchpoints Throughout

To maximise our visibility during this competitive space, we drilled down on our audience lists and began curating specific remarketing ads to maintain touchpoints throughout a longer sales cycle.

Unique Scripting

Finally, to make sure we were still chasing profitable searches, we deployed a search query trends script to automatically update us on any search volume fluctuations which dictated whether a keyword lived or not.

The Results.

Despite not having an exact measuring stick, comparing the October period to last year which covered over +50 campaigns plus an increased budget, we saw substantial gains in the current climate. 

With the huge volume of daily leads, we were asked to pause the campaigns due to not being able to take anymore on!

Increase in leads


Increase in conversion rate


Decrease in cost per acquisition


Increase in click through rates


Hugely successful end to a pandemic year


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