72% Visibility Increase (Mobile)
81% Visibility Increase (Desktop)
11% Increase In Top 10 Keyword Rankings

Odds On for Organic Success

Livescore Bet is an ambitious challenger brand in the gaming space. They came to Salience with one clear vision: Establish organic search footprint by tripling organic visibility. A huge undertaking given the presence of long-standing behemoths in the sector.

Our strategy was targeted to create awareness with bettors through less competitive long-tail search. Clear planning & strategy was emphasised across teams to achieve the client’s vision.

Achieving growth from such a limited presence was tricky. However, organic click and impression increases showcase how SEO supported brand growth.

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25%YoY Impressions increase

Vision & Goals

Livescore Bet teamed up with Salience to kick off a daring mission: to boost their online presence by leaps and bounds, scoring an 88% organic visibility with ardent betting fans, surpassing the big wigs in live betting, and ramping up their top 10 keywords by a whopping 11%.

Their core audience is betting enthusiasts between the ages of 18-40. Male bettors were targeted in this campaign that have no prior brand loyalty.

SEO's to the start line please...

As an industry dominated by big players, we needed a creative approach, identifying low-competition yet high-intent keywords, i.e. niche sports and live betting terms.

Q1 of our campaign involved:

  • Keyword research and competitor and market gap analysis.
  • Optimised on-page signals site-wide
  • 2Developed helpful consideration content to support key commercial markets.


Developing Helpful Content Modules

We required a creative approach to work within limitations such as the inability to create networks of supplementary content. To tackle this, we developed a content module for betting pages and added relevant content directly to betting pages.

We optimised for live betting based on the sports optimised in Q1, developing that network of information and creating topical authority

72% Increase In Mobile Visibility

Mobile view of Livescore website
Desktop view of Livescore website

Expanding content and signals across live betting pages

We reworked underperforming pages and continued to expand content and signals across live betting pages. Alongside key betting pages, we also started to define how we could approach wider networks of information through editorial and began to plan our approach for general betting terms.

The Results

Ambitious targets to dominate the market on a set of low-performing terms achieved.

Growth from no relevant position 1 keywords, outside of brand, to a pleasing set in P1 and the wider spectrum of page 1 and page 2.

  • 36% Clicks increase
  • 25% Impressions increase
  • Site wide average position up from 23.8 to 17.8
  • 11% increase in top 10 keyword rankings
  • Out competing industry giants on identified opportunity live betting terms

Visibility Increase (Mobile)


Visibility Increase (Desktop)


Top 10 Keyword Ranking Increase


Odds On for Organic Success


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