83% Increase In Impressions On Toy Branded Keywords
23% Increase In Clicks On Toy Branded Keywords
7% Increase In Traffic To The Site

Organic Growth in Play...

In close competition with Smyths and Argos, The Entertainer tasked us with identifying a new approach to Organic which could take this iconic toy retailer to new heights.

To achieve this, we had to think outside of the (toy) box. Whilst competitors benefitted from an impressive depth of product, they suffered from a lack of information architecture to guide the customer to value.

The game was afoot.

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83% Increase In Impressions On Toy Branded Keywords

Vision & Goals

At the outset of the campaign, we identified three keys to victory which would need to be considered if we were to have a quick impact in line with the client’s ambition.

  • Maintain and enhance visibility of key brand categories.
  • Prioritise “Shop by Age” category.
  • Increase conversion rate through strategic landing pages.

Audience Focus:

  • Target audience: Parents seeking educational toys and collectors.
  • Emphasise educational benefits for parents.
  • Provide guidance on age-appropriate options for extended family and friends.
  • Focus on aesthetics and collectability for toy collectors.

Building Foundations

To succeed, we needed a solid base to work with and began addressing indexation and accessibility.

  • Rebuilt navigation to prioritize essential categories.
  • Removed 40,000 discontinued products for a cleaner site.
  • Trained internal teams on SEO best practices.
  • Launched ‘Childhood Adventures’ platform for content and buying journey.

Increase Organic Visibility

  • Developed a master list of top-performing brands.
  • Created keyword-focused pages for top 20 brands.
  • Optimized product listing pages with improved copy.
  • Implemented clever internal linking strategy.

Increasing Organic Visibility for Shop-By-Age

Here’s a glimpse at the awesomeness we’ve unleashed:

  • Optimized shop-by-age pages with targeted title tags.
  • Added shop-by-age to the meganav for user and search engine convenience.
  •  Expanded shop-by-age categories for better targeting.
  • Introduced supplementary content for enhanced engagement.

Mobile view of The Entertainer website
Desktop view of The Entertainer website

Aligning Intent On Landing Pages

The site was ranking well, but often, the wrong pages were hogging the limelight, hurting conversion rate. So, we put our thinking hats on and came up with some clever tactics that would not only help us rank better but also boost engagement and conversion rates.

  • Tightened site structure and integrated into the main nav.
  • Enriched category landing pages with engaging content.
  • Crafted shoppable guides for the buying journey.
  • Incorporated USPs in title tags for extra appeal.

The Results

Increase organic visibility / rankings across 3rd party brands.

    • Impressions on toy brand keywords increased +83.6% in the last three months YoY.
    • Clicks on toy brand keywords increased +23% in the last three months YoY.
    • Remarkable visibility gains for specific branded categories.

Impressions Increase On Toy Branded Keywords


Increase In Clicks On Toy Branded Keywords


Increase In Traffic To The Site


Organic Growth in Play...


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