59% Increase traffic to high-intent areas via long-tail keywords
26% Increase visibility on high volume bed frame terms
18% 18% visibility increase on the top 50 storage bed related keywords

Industry wide recognition.

Having established Dreams at the top of the market for beds and mattresses since 2013, we recognised the need to apply ingenuity to our SEO campaign and continue growth rather than relying on pre-built success.

The results captured were far more than we could’ve imagined.

Sector dominance + industry-wide recognition.

We were nominated for UK Agency Awards, UK Search Awards, European Search Awards and the Global Search Awards. Best of all, we won the best large search campaign for all but the Global search awards. Loved to have had it, but there’s no shame in falling short on a global stage!

The following analyses our last 3 months of activity with the hope of providing an up-to-date and clear view of how we impact change quickly and with direct effect in a channel that is often considered a slow-burn.

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2M Users A Year From Blog Traffic Alone

Vision // Goals

Vision: Grow and expand opportunity areas with the ultimate goal of remaining top of the market through the following goals:

  1. Raising traffic to blog content above 80,000+ users a week/2 million+ a year
  2. Increasing traffic to high-intent PLPs via long-tail keywords: 82k clicks to 100k+ clicks
  3. Increasing visibility on high volume bed frame terms: 57% to 70+%
  4. Increasing traffic to key storage bed landing pages by 10%

We focused on traffic and visibility as we are aware of the economic impacts on revenue. We decided with the client that maximum traffic and visibility are key to escaping this period in a strong position when purchasing intent returns.


Raising traffic to blog content above 80,000+ users a week

Creation of dream encyclopaedia: this project included sourcing a web design agency and collaborating on wireframes, alongside writing content for 40+ dream meaning articles:

Creative approach to ensuring traffic through featured snippets:

We identified this space as snippet-heavy ensuring a quick ROI; articles wouldn’t need to target traditional P1 spots. Getting to page 1 and taking the snippet would achieve the required traffic to achieve the goal.

The original project was a sleep encyclopaedia – it became apparent the focus was too broad and we decided to focus solely on dream meanings instead. With limited resources, we had to ensure we targeted the dream meanings with the highest chance of success.


Increase traffic to high-intent areas via long-tail keywords: 100k+ clicks

With 350,000+ terms we needed to analyse where to apply effort. A long-tail keyword audit identified an opportunity in bed-size terms: i.e., super king divan bed frame, single beds for adults. We targeted these through on-page optimisations and varying internal link anchor texts. We provided technical SEO audits for the holistic improvement of broad long-tail keywords. This played a part in site-wide improvements seen on long-tail.

Additionally, most keywords needed search results to present a 5-product preview on the SERPs to boost CTR. 

To achieve this, we identified the need to:

  • Ensure product images visible without JavaScript
  • Coding to serve one image per device used
  • Automatically resize images by the device (image saved for repeat visits)

We had to convince the client that low-volume terms would result in large gains. Difficult as they advocated for a defensive focus on head terms as opposed to lower volume en-masse.

Increase visibility on high volume bed frame terms: 57% to 70+%

No site but Dreams has been P1 for beds and bed frames within our 8 years in this industry. The challenge was to ensure optimisations around increasing rank on bed frames didn’t affect rank on beds.

  • Content refreshes on all pages referencing frames
  • Internal link audit
  • Landing page UX optimisation

59% Increase To High Intent Areas

Increase traffic to key storage bed landing pages by 10%

Competitors have much greater product ranges making it difficult to rank.

  • Improve the relationship between pages through internal links and CTA placement
  • Copy and on-page signal optimisations
  • Product title optimisations
  • Creation of guides and educational content



The Results

We could have been defensive, focusing on high-performing areas to remain at the top of the market. To achieve the same goal, we pulled apart site performance to find niche areas to continue growth.

Numerous risks were involved and trust between the agency and the client was key with expected drops during implementation.

With the current economic climate, we need to dominate the market at the top level but also improve performance on high-intent, longer-tail keywords.

Our approach to numerous areas of the site, over a specific quarter, presents our ability to impact quick change in a channel deemed one which requires wait times before success.

Increase traffic to high-intent areas via long-tail keywords:


Increase visibility on high volume bed frame terms


Visibility on the top 50 storage bed keywords increased


We Put The Competition To Bed.


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We’re really pleased with the consistent top-of-market performance the SEO campaign work we’ve delivered with Salience, has returned over the last several years.

Online visibility is crucial to any brand and we’re delighted to see that in 2022 Dreams is once again the most visible bed and mattress retailer online.

Simon Moore, Director Of Marketing

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