5000+ referring domains without begging journalists: How we’re turning Dreams Beds into the owners of sleep.

We’re 8 years into our partnership with Dreams Beds. The market leading bed and Mattress retailer has a clear vision: Be the Owners of Sleep

It’s a strong willed branding play. However, with the right commitment & approach, it’s entirely possible.



In 2015, we created “The Sleep Matters Club”, an online sleep magazine sharing tips & expert advice to give you a good night’s sleep.

Commitment to the magazine signaled the birth of Dreams truly believing in giving selflessly to the topic of sleep.

Hundreds of expertly written content pieces, constant reporting & optimisations later, in 2022 we’re seeing hockey stick like engagement:




Whats happening?

Natural link building. Sleep matters club content ranks very well. Obvious traffic benefits aside, it means information is highly accessible for journalists. High quality, authoritative information, easily found by journalists = easy links gained.

Sleep Matters Club consistently garners links from the likes of the BBC, Medium, Yahooo, Huffington Post and more without forcing the hand of journalists to put pen to paper. 

Investing early in authority led content has brought Dreams leaps closer to achieving their big vision of owning sleep.

It’s a long term approach, it’s a strategy where many brands simply don’t have the capacity to commit. However, long term investment can yield immense dividends.


We’re really pleased with the consistent top-of-market performance the SEO campaign work we’ve delivered with Salience, has returned over the last several years.

Online visibility is crucial to any brand and we’re delighted to see that in 2022 Dreams is once again the most visible bed and mattress retailer online.”


Simon Moore, Director of Marketing


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