46% in organic visibility
28% in revenue
74% in transactions

Challenge. Accepted.

Sparkling Strawberry is an online lingerie retailer. They specialise in fantasy outfits, costumes and lingerie sets. They came to us wanting to improve their site structure and SEO performance to aid revenue.

We knew we’d first have to focus entirely on technical SEO and ensuring the website was in a sound position for the search engines. From there we could address the content of the website, with a view to help improve the organic visibility and performance, boosting rankings and traffic.

Since the site had no existing content marketing strategy, we knew this would be a detailed process so we set about making our improvements in priority order.

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75increase in traffic.

The Actions.

Every piece of our strategy had a fantastic impact on the overall results.

Technical Issues

Sparkling Strawberry suffered from severe index bloat (more pages in Google’s index than receives organic traffic) – over 17,000 pages were indexed, with substantially fewer pages receiving organic traffic in the first month of the campaign.

This issue was largely due to pages with URL parameters (filters such as size, price and sort) creating close duplicates.

Once this was addressed, we managed to realign the indexation with genuine pages on the site.

Keyword Strategy

With a view to reforming the site structure, we produced an extensive keyword research strategy document that grouped products and folders into more keyword targeted and manageable categories.

The aim was to consolidate products where needed and reach other keyword opportunities with new landing pages.

Changing the way products were grouped helped not only the technical aspects of the site but also customer usability.

Onsite Copy

The website had content throughout it but not enough of it. In most cases, each page had 100 – 150 words within it as opposed to the 300 – 500 required.

We produced unique new copy for 158 pages on the site. We ensured it was visible with a proportion above the fold of the page, written for the user and reflective of the keywords we looked to target.

This allowed the search engines to semantically link the website with intent based queries to increase the organic reach of the website.

46% increase in organic visibility.

Content & PR

From experience, we know that earning engagement through well-planned and executed content marketing is the key to organic growth.

Sparkling Strawberry had no content outlet to gain links from. We held a content workshop to identify core personas and generate content ideas.

We created a brand new digital magazine, Juicy Bits, and managed to land our work in a number of Tier 1 publications, helping to improve visibility and domain authority.

The Results.

We managed to exceed expectations with the creation of Juicy Bits and our technical work.

Increase in organic visibility


Increase in traffic


Increase in revenue


Increase in transactions


Continued success for the brand.


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