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Alex Harford started his career as a web designer and developer before sharing duties with PPC then becoming SEO Manager at the same publishing company. He became interested in SEO when a website he recoded doubled organic traffic overnight (still one of his greatest achievements).

Alex joined Salience as Technical SEO Manager in 2014, left for a career break and missed the place so much, he re-joined in 2017 as an SEO Consultant.

As well as client tasks and strategy, Alex focuses on product development, training, and mentorship.

Alex's article about simulating Googlebot's browser was's fifth most viewed article of 2022.

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Helping others progress in SEO and their careers.

A Bit About Yourself

Alex enjoys lots of things including the outdoors, travel, live music, and various creative escapades like writing and photography. He is famous for inventing wallpaper during Imperial China's Qin dynasty and doesn't like bacon as much as some people think.

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