2208% in keywords
20% in conversion rate
8% in average order value

Challenge. Accepted.

From market stall beginnings, Terrys Fabrics has grown into a successful online marketplace for textile fabrics, curtains, upholstery, soft furnishings, cushions and blinds. They came to us for a full technology solution.

We were tasked with reducing the cost per sale on paid search. We faced the challenge of improving existing campaigns, run by Kenshoo’s bid management software, that were deeply ingrained into the day-to-day running of the AdWords account.

Paid search has always been an important channel to Terrys Fabrics, generating a significant percentage of their overall revenue. As such, it was important to make fast, effective changes, and keep any risk attached to a minimum.

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10decrease in cost per sale.

The Actions.

Major changes had to be made to the account in order to achieve the results we wanted.

Technology Platform Research

We initially researched the best technology which offered the features needed to provide the greatest return on investment possible for the client.

We chose to switch the technology platform from Kenshoo to DC Storm. This allowed for deeper analysis of the account, and consequently, better automatic management of the features of AdWords.

AdWords Features Implementation

The task of implementing changes and improving performance was sizeable, it was on an account with a great deal of history and consistency but needed to see growth and further increases in revenue.

We implemented a number of key features for Terrys Fabrics, including stock level monitoring, ad text creation, dynamic ad parameters and dynamic keyword insertion. This allowed us to set more defined targets to more efficiently measure success and to have greater control over the finer parts of the account.

AdWords Audit

We produced a full audit of the AdWords campaign from its most granular level, to ascertain opportunities and areas for improvement.

This was followed by a complete rethink of the AdWords approach applied. Our PPC team used the newly-implemented technology to improve the management of the account.

20% increase in conversion rate.


We provided an effective reporting solution, showing the metrics that matter, in an easily digestible report for the client.

Using this they could see their improvements easily and keep on top of results for an overall better running of the site.

The Results.

By applying our expert PPC knowledge to the account, we were able to achieve some brilliant results including a significant increase in conversion rate and quality score.

Increase in keywords


Increase in conversion rate


Increase in average order value


Decrease in cost per sale


Technology + insight = increased sales.


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